Easy to Spin. This Roving has a lofty bloom and takes dye beautifully for a lovely over dye color result.

This is not superwash roving

This roving will be perfect for your next spinning or felting project!This beautiful roving is a blend of the natural white and natural black Jacob wool. The colors are lightly blended to provide the dyer limitless color possibilities with natural occurring shades.

Jacob is a heritage sheep breed with a white coat, black or lilac (soft grey) spots. The sheep, males and females, sport two, four and even six horns, for a very unique appearance.( ours have 4 horns) Jacob sheep are a dual purpose breed and our Jacobs are selected, raised and bred for a high quality handspinning fleece that is a medium crimp and soft handle.

Our Jacob roving is lovely and easy to spin, a good choice for beginners

Content. 100% natural Jacob

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