**Blending boards are all unique each picture will not reflect each product.**


Mini Ergonomic Blending Boards


This product can take 7-14 days to build and will immediately ship!

These are travel size blending boards!

This blending board is fantastic to take anywhere! Make a statement with the beauty of these boards.
The special fabrication and design of blending cloth makes it ideal for handling a variety of materials such as fleeces, feathers, bits of cloth, etc. The makeup of the tooth itself is best suited for the process of evenly blending fibers. Any Fiberistas (Connoisseurs of fiber) can take nearly any fiber type and blend them together to create a lovely rolag. With this Blending Board you will enjoy a fun new way to blend your fibers today!

If there are any questions please reach out to us at Support@wildwoolfarm.com!


What you get:

The blending boards are aprox. 5 in wide x 9 in long

Each blending board is hand crafted per order and may vary slightly in size and variation.

We will offer a variety of different wood.  Each purchase also comes with a set dowels and a tiny packet of add in fibers that will be a surprise.

With the purchase of a blending board you will receive:

  • 1 custom hand crafted blending board ready to use
  • 2 dowels to help create the rolag
  • a fiber surprise

Select the variation that you want and it will be crafted just for you!

$74.99$89.99 per Blending board

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