What Fun..  Choose and Create your own Batt. How does it work?

Choose fibers from the categories listed:

First choose your roving from the choices

Second choose a specialty wool or none

Third choose an exotic fiber or none

Fourth Choose from 1 of our frostings to top off your Batt!

Last choice is if you want the fibers sent to you and you card/create your own or choose for us to card it thru 1,2,3 times for a minimal charge.

Any combination you choose will be 4 oz of Fun Fibers to create your own stunning batt.

Have fun and create something special!


  • White Merino
  • Blue Merino
  • Teal Merino
  • Blue Merino Tencel
  • Red Merino Tencel
  • None
  • Pearl Fiber
  • Black Alpaca Silk
  • None
  • Sari Silk
  • Blue Angelina
  • None
  • 1
  • 2
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Roving includes:

Merino Wool

Specialty includes:

Merino / Viscose

Exotic includes:

Pearl Fiber

Black Alpaca / Silk

Frosting includes:

Sari Silk


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